Herbal chew is used as a tobacco alternative usually when a tobacco dipper, tobacco snuff user, tobacco chewer, or smoker who also chews tobacco - is trying to quit.

Herbal chew is used in place of tobacco chews to help the tobacco user quit or cut down on her or his tobacco use.

Herbal chew is not a gateway substance. There is typically nothing addictive in a quality herbal chew.

One of the best ways to quit tobacco is to titrate-down. In plain English, (TedSpeek) that means to taper off or slowly use less and less tobacco chew while you replace it with herbal chew, eventually quitting all substances. One of the clinically proven methods by Dr. Dan Laizure is here. More cessation information and intervention techniques are here.

There are non tobacco chews that DO have addictive ingredients like stimulants or even nicotine, like Elicit Herbal Chew or Smokey Mountain which contains a stimulant. Jake's Mint Chew does not contain any stimulants and is a relative new-comer to the nontobacco chew market segment.

Grinds is a chew made of coffee and was featured on Mark Cuban's Shark Tank. On the shirttails of Grinds' success is Major League Coffee Dip with a high end metal tin. An apparent copy cat product is Cowboy Coffee Chew

One of the first non-tobacco chews in the United States was called Winner's Edge which was invented by HBO Boxing Legend Andrew Minsker. About the same time Golden Eagle was developed in Grant's Pass Oregon.

Shortly after Winner's Edge was launched, Mint Snuff Non-Tobacco Chew was developed in 1986 and had national distribution in the United States by 1989.

Mint Snuff is distributed through tobacco distributors in the United States and is the largest producer of nontobacco herbal chew in the country. Mint Snuff is primarily promoted through dentists, hygienists and County Health Departments who are trying to help their patients quit. CNN did an investigative report on Mint Snuff and found that Bobby Cox of the Atlanta Braves used it to quit chewing tobacco. Mint Snuff is the highest-rated non-tobacco herbal chew on Amazon.

The latest entry in the herbal chew market is Baccoff Energized and Hooch Snuff